Sacred Wild Woman 

LeAnne "Little Big Thunder" Feliciano

Imagine a place where the ancient one's greet you -- that place is where your Wild Self exists.

About Sacred Wild Woman

Sacred Wild Woman is the embodiment of the Sacred Wild, the Joyous and the Free, set to be unleashed as the pendulum swings from unhealed to healed!


The Sacred Wild Work is all about the work aimed at unleashing your joyous, wild side, revealing your authentic pureness, unhackneyed and freed from the past stresses, emotional, mental and physical traumas of life.


Shamanic Hypnosis

Recovery Coaching


Clearing Ancestry

Intuitive Reading

Earth Medicine

Shamanic Healing 

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Contact Me

2017 East 7th Street

Charlotte, North Carolina 28204


Tel: (704) 572-1950

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