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Earth Medicine


The ultimate wellness experience is to have both mind, body, and spirit aligned with the vibrations of the earth. Earth medicine is a tool used in Shamanic practice to access ancestral and elemental wisdom. The purpose is to reach the highest level of balance between our inner and external worlds.

Home and Property Clearing

Lighting Design Consultation

Houses, offices and land occupied by other people before you, can generate energy over time, both positive and negative. It’s the negative energy, that you may be unaware of, can be absorbed into the walls, furniture, floors and personal objects like a sponge. Often the unwanted energies accumulate emotional debris that then impacts the behavior and thoughts of those within the building. LeAnne, in a safe and caring way, restores harmony back into the home, by returning unpleasant energies back to the ethers. 

Plant Consciousness Ceremony


Many traditions believe that plants can speak to us—they call to us, if we listen. This ceremony reaches the core of the ancient root or the consciousness of that plant. Research shows that plants have feelings, intelligence, and can sense our intentions and respond to our actions. With this ceremony, we learn how plants can become your ally. LeAnne takes you on a journey with the spirit of the plant in order to strengthen you - mind and body- as you move forward in your life. In their incredible compassion, plants have invited us to be in a dance with them so that we can sense the healing power of the Divine in them. It’s up to us to heed their call.

Releasing Ceremony

Couple Holding Hands

When any relationship ends, it’s important to create a sacred space where the connection can be honored for all of its gifts and challenges. LeAnne creates this space, where participants can acknowledge that the separation was not a sign of failure, but as a result of change in circumstance. With that knowledge, you can take back your own energy and give back your partners energy, release the past and allow yourself to move forward with a sense of closure and thankfulness.

Healing Limpia 

Untitled design.png

Healing Limpia or Spiritual plant bathing is a practice of using bundled plants, also known as a plant broom, to cleanse a person’s subtle energies. During this ceremony, LeAnne uses the power of spoken words along with customized herbs and flowers creating a personalized broom working with your physical and auric fields; removing stagnant energy and toxins within; giving you a sense of purification and balance. 

Ancestral Clearing

Church Candles

Ancestral Clearing unlocks the path toward living your sacred wild self; granting you permission to create your own belief system and energetically changing generational patterns. It is a form of energy healing that releases the deep imprints of inherited emotional issues, unhealthy patterns or unresolved trauma through the ancestral lineage. By releasing these patterns, we can bring forth balance on a deep cellular level. 

Soul Retrieval


Experiencing Wholeness is the goal of this Ceremony. Soul retrieval is an ancient practice where an individual, who is suffering from soul loss, takes an important step toward wholeness. In order to understand how it works – and whether you need it – it’s necessary to first understand what triggers soul loss, what the symptoms are, and how to heal this energetic fragmentation of the Self. This is where LeAnne brings her expertise. She understands that physical and emotional wounds can impact the soul. This can manifest in life as a physical, emotional or mental disease, even addiction.

Cord Removal

Image by Greg Willson

Everything in the Universe is made up of both energy and matter. When we experience life, we create energy cords that tie us, per se, to a particular person, place, thing or event. When we move on from that experience, we still may have a varying degree of that energy tethered to us from it. When that “Tie” or “Cord” begins to weigh us down or causes some type dissonance in our life, then it’s usually time to release that cord. You will intuitively know when it’s time to empower yourself, taking back your energy and restoring balance within.

Psycho Pump/Dying Consciously

Image by Steinar Engeland

Psycho Pump work (helping the deceased to cross over into the Light) can be done on behalf of the dead from anywhere. As a shamanic practitioner, LeAnne can guide souls stuck in the middle world and work to free them. For a variety of reasons, some individuals remain earthbound after death instead of crossing over into the Light. LeAnne’s job is to help that individual soul move out of this dimension upon death, and into the Light.

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