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The Plant Spirit


What is the Experience?

Many traditions believe that plants can speak to us—they call to us, if we listen.

Plant Spirit Medicine and their consciousness have the ability to bring us back to our ancestral roots. By initiating a relationship with the plants we become aware of their life force and how we can create a partnership to manifest a balanced life.

Initiate this Relationship through a Guided and Proven Method

You'll discover the concepts behind the practice as well as explore the step-by-step process by creating an altar, brewing Mugwort tea and an embarking on a plant ceremony. 


If we are open to listening, the plant spirits can help guide you toward the wisdom of your inner truth and open you up to a world of unimaginable, endless possibilities.


Discover a Deeper Connection
Within Yourself

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About Sacred Wild Woman

Sacred Wild Woman is the embodiment of the Sacred Wild, the Joyous and the Free, set to be unleashed as the pendulum swings from unhealed to healed!


The Sacred Wild Work is all about the courage aimed at unleashing your joyous, wild side, revealing your authentic pureness, unhackneyed and freed from the past stresses, emotional, mental and physical traumas of life.

Course Overview

Week 1

  • Introduce you to Plant Spirit Consciousness

  • Explore our 5 senses with Sensory Awareness & Reciprocity

  • Discovering the Subtle Energies around us​

Week 2

  • Focus on Altars - What it is, how to create one & its importance

  • Create a Traveling Altar

  • Learn to utilize the Cardinal Directions & Elements

Week 3

  • Examine the difference between rituals & ceremonies

  • Explore Dreamtime

  • Brew ceremonial tea

Week 4

  • Culminate class with a virtual group ceremony

  • Guided to meet the spirit of Mugwort

  • Expand inner awareness

Together, Let's Brave a New Journey and Create a Deeper Connection Within

  • Are you Ready to Release your Stress and Limiting Beliefs?

  • Has Conventional Healing Not Worked for you?

  • Do You Desire More?

The Value of What  You Receive:
5-Week Online Course 
Course Materials (delivered to you) 
Q&A Access to Recognized Medicine Woman 
30-Minute One-On-One with LeAnne Post Course 


Total Value Of  $1000

Reserve Your Spot Today for $375

Discover     Grow     Awaken

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This Course is for You if:

  • If you've forgotten how to connect with the world around you

  • You have experienced a form of Spiritual Awakening

  • Wish to be guided and have a community

  • Desire to Journey Deeper into Your Spirituality

  • You have a Love or Curiosity of Plants

  • Want to Learn the Steps to initiate this relationship

  • Ready to Explore a Limitless Connection to the Divine Within

What Students Are Saying

"LeAnne intuitively educated us on so much, it's like she was reading my mind with each topic she guided me through." September 2021

"It has been transformative." September 2021

"The biggest take away was seeing how strong I became in my power from the course" September 2021

Growing Research and Plant Medicine Recommendations

"The World Health Organization’s (WHO) strategy, 2014–2023, aims to strengthen the role of traditional medicine, emphasizing the importance of promoting and including the utilization of medicinal plants in the health systems of its member countries." (WHO, 2013)

"Medicinal plants have been a resource for healing in local communities around the world for thousands of years. Still it remains of contemporary importance as a primary healthcare mode for approximately 85% of the world’s population." (Pešić, 2015)

"Medicinal plants are a resource for drug discovery, with 80% of all synthetic drugs deriving from them(Bauer and Brönstrup, 2014)

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Next Course Begins April 7, 2024!


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