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Shamanic Hypnosis &
Transpersonal Hypnotherapy

LeAnne unifies Shamanism and Hypnosis to merge ancient healing art practices with modern day hypnosis methods, where clients are given the space to clear old beliefs and behavioural patterns, heal addictions and past trauma, do “inner child” work and to change how they function on the deepest level.

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Recovery/Spiritual Coaching

You may be in recovery, or maybe considering being in recovery. LeAnne helps people connect with their spirituality to find out the causes and conditions behind their addiction(s). LeAnne helps clients understand their addiction and teaches coping skills and tools to walk in this world, when maybe there is chaos around you that seems out of your control.

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Shamanic Healing

Shamanism is the art of walking in the earth realm and the spirit realm at the same time. Shamanic Healing uses ancient techniques such as cord removals, drum journeys, space clearing, soul retrieval and connecting with your power animals and spirit guides. LeAnne is also an expert in herbal medicines and ancient pastes to release the energetic blocks that hold you back from your full potential. 

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Individual & Group Sessions

Private and group workshops are available in any of the services offered by Sacred Wild Woman. Virtual Sessions Local & International


Intuitive Readings

LeAnne uses Oracle Cards as a tool and jumping off point to connect with the spiritual realm, but also to connect with spirit guides, ancestors and sometimes loved ones who have transitioned. A reading gives clarity and advice for your life now and your path ahead.

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Exploring Past Lives

When you feel you’ve done everything in this life to clear the blocks, sometimes we need to take it a step further and look at the origin of the issue. LeAnne guides you to explore this space in between, your past lives and the life you live now. She helps you to assess the reasons you’ve come back to the earth, at this time and on this plane, in order to find your life’s purpose. 

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