About Me

LeAnne uses Shamanic Healing, Spiritual Regression, Plant Medicine, Clairvoyance, Clinical and Transpersonal Hypnosis, the Holistic Healing Arts and Spiritual Coaching to help her clients find their true calling here on Earth.

Empowered, joyous, relieved and pure are all words people have used to describe how they feel after an appointment with the Sacred Wild Woman. Her aim is to reignite the flame within and reveal ever more of your authentic self.

LeAnne is a Certified Master Hypnotherapist, Certified Shamanic Practitioner from Otter Dance School of Earth Medicine, Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts and has a degree in Occupational Psychology. She uses these skills, along with knowledge gained from her continued and relentless personal development work, to help her clients regain their personal power and rekindle their inner light.


Lyra Long

My personal and spiritual experiences and journeys with LeAnne have been life changing. LeAnne is a fierce spirit, full of love and courage with a willingness to open herself so that one may grow in their own way. I highly recommend her and her services.

Alexandra Basia

I experienced both a beautiful ceremony and reading with LeAnne. I highly recommend her to all those seeking guidance, healing or even just to chat. She is a wonderful presence and a powerfully gifted woman.

Harper Jason Daniel

Leanne has done several sessions concerning some major obstacles in my life and spirituality. She is beyond a compassionate, caring, loving leader in spiritual healing, and encouragement!